NOSC Membership

Organization Primary Representative Alternate
Acting Chair - Assistant Secretary for Environmental Observation and Prediction    Steve Volz Email Steve Volz
Vice Chair (NESDIS)    Steve Volz Email Steve Volz    Mark Paese Email Mark Paese
Vice Chair (NWS)    Mary C. EricksonEmail Mary C. Erickson  
Vice Chair (OMAO)    RADM Nancy HannEmail Admiral Hann    RDML Chad CaryEmail Admiral Cary
Executive Secretary    Meredith WagnerEmail So-Jung Youn

Chief Financial Officer    Mark Seiler Email Mark Seiler    Tony WilhelmEmail Tony Wilhelm
Chief Information Officer    Zach Goldstein Email Zach Goldstein    Doug PerryEmail Doug Perry
Chief Data Officer    Tony LaVoi Email Tony LaVoi
NESDIS    Dan St. Jean Email Dan St. Jean  
OMAO    RDML Chad Cary Email Captain Cary    Lindsey Averill Email Lindsey Averill
NMFS    Evan HowellEmail Evan Howell    Margaret M (Peg) Brady Email Peg Brady
NOS    Richard Edwing Email Richard Edwing  
NWS    Ajay Mehta Email Ajay Mehta    Kevin Schrab Email Kevin Schrab
OAR    Cisco Werner Email Cisco Werner    Gary Matlock Email Gary Matlock

Non-Voting Members    
OSC Co-Chair     Richard EdwingEmail Richard Edwing  
OSC Co-Chair     Ajay Mehta Email Ajay Mehta    Kevin Schrab Email Kevin Schrab
EDMC Chair     Adrienne Simonson Email Adrienne Simonson
NOAA Representative, USGEO     Ajay Mehta Email Ajay Mehta  
Office of Space Commerce     Jason Kim Email Jason Kim  
IMCO     Martin Yapur Email Martin Yapur

NOSC Advisor    
TPIO rep     Meredith Wagner Email Meredith Wagner