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About NOAA's Emerging Technologies Workshop

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Emerging Technologies Workshop (ETW), is a two-day, public event showcasing the latest innovations designed to collect, analyze, and/or synthesize environmental data. First held in 2016, the event aims to identify new technology with the potential to advance NOAA’s capabilities to monitor, assess, and predict the environment. The workshop features presentations and technical posters highlighting projects funded by NOAA and external stakeholders, representing academia, private industry, and other federal government agencies.

The 2019 workshop, which was attended in-person and remotely by nearly 400 attendees, highlighted a wide variety of innovative technologies. Workshop attendees represented all six NOAA Line Office as well as stakeholders from other federal agencies, academia, and the private sector.

2019 NOAA Emerging Technologies Workshop, NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction, College Park, MD.

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2019 Workshop Report

The 2019 NOAA Emerging Technologies Workshop Report consists of an overview of the materials presented during the 2019 ETW as well as key insights on workshop successes, challenges and next steps to grow and sustain the event. The report also contains an appendix of supplementary materials relevant to the 2019 ETW.

The Emerging Technologies Workshop was co-sponsored by NOAA’s Observing Systems Council (NOSC), the NOAA Research Council (NRC), and the NOAA Ocean and Coastal Council (NOCC). The workshop was organized by the NOSC’s Observing Systems Committee (OSC) with support from the Technology, Planning and Integration for Observations (TPIO) Division.

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