The Environmental Data Management Committee (EDMC) coordinates the development of NOAA's environmental data management strategy, and policy, and provides guidance to promote consistent implementation across NOAA, on behalf of the NOSC and CIO Council. Environmental data management is an end-to-end process that includes acquisition, quality control, validation, reprocessing, storage, retrieval, dissemination, and long-term preservation activities. The goal of the EDMC is to enable NOAA to maximize the value of its environmental data assets through sound and coordinated data management practices.

By way of its support relationship with the EDMC, TPIO supports the following groups, all of which have a home page on the EDMC website:

NOAA DMIT Home NOAA's Data Management Integration Team

DAARWG Home The NOAA SAB's Data Archive & Access Requirements Working Group

NESDIS DMPT Home The NESDIS Data Management Planning Team