TPIO Project Spotlight

The NOAA Observing System Integrated Analysis (NOSIA-II) is a capability used to document the relationship between available observing systems and their impact on NOAA’s diverse services and scientific objectives. Understanding the relationship between the cost of available data sources and their impact on mission outcomes is fundamental to informing current and future observing system investments and managing NOAA’s observing system architecture.

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TPIO Staff Directory

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First Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
TPIO Main Line 301-713-9300
Aaron Pratt 301-713-7173
Adam Steckel 301-713-7174
Anne Kennerley 301-713-9300
Becky Baltes 301-713-9300
Bianca Terry 240-821-2399
Brant Priest 301-713-7148
Christopher Pagan 301-713-4831
Daniel Gillespie 301-713-7162
David Helms 301-713-7164
Edward Borders 301-713-7175
Eric Miller 301-713-7171
Guoxian Zhou 301-427-2567
Itay Covaliu 301-427-2566
Jennifer Webster 301-713-7208
Katya Merezhinsky 301-427-2565
Kennita Diggs 301-713-7188
Lauraleen O'Connor 301-713-7160
Lewis McCulloch 617-767-6582
Louis Cantrell 301-713-7163
Mark Middlebusher 301-713-7290
Martin Yapur 301-713-7167
Meredith Wagner 301-713-7180
Patricia Weir 301-713-7224
Sabra Comet 301-713-7329
Sabrina Taijeron 301-713-7170
Saiontoni Sarkar 301-713-4834
Scott Smith 301-713-1140
Thanh Vo Dinh 301-713-7158