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The NOAA Observing System Integrated Analysis (NOSIA-II) is a capability used to document the relationship between available observing systems and their impact on NOAA’s diverse services and scientific objectives. Understanding the relationship between the cost of available data sources and their impact on mission outcomes is fundamental to informing current and future observing system investments and managing NOAA’s observing system architecture.

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TPIO Analysis Processes

TPIO has developed an initial capacity to analyze the satisfaction level of observing requirements (listed in the COURL) against a particular observing capability or set of capabilities, as listed in NOSA. Similarly TPIO can perform analysis to show the set of observing requirements that can be met by a particular capability, and also calculate the degree of satisfaction of each of the requirements.

At present, these analyses require manual interpretation and often some secondary information to achieve a reasonable result; however we are continuously working to refine our databases and analytical tools such that in the future we can provide a wider range of products to support various applications across NOAA. In support of this effort, we're also conducting initial reviews with NOAA offices and organizations on the results of our preliminary analyses.

One example of TPIO's work in this area is our effort to provide an additional report called a Program Observation Requirement Assessment (PORA). The PORAs will provide an analysis of each program's set of Priority-1 requirements against existing and planned systems to show the level of requirements satisfaction, identify each requirement's core set of systems providing critical data, highlight capability gaps and analyze emerging technologies.

At the same time, TPIO is also trying to gauge interest and garner specific ideas about additional products and analyses that would be useful to a wide range of NOAA users. We welcome feedback about the types of products that would be of interest to you. Please click here to submit your feedback.

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