Listen-in to the 2016 NOAA EDM Workshop

Watch the livestream on YouTube: A live stream video broadcast will be available via YouTube for both the Opening Session and the Closing Sessions of the 2016 NOAA EDM Workshop. The Opening Session will be hosted by Dr. Jeff de La Beaujardière, NOAA’s Data Management Architect and our EDM Workshop Chair. The Closing Session will include our Keynote address by Ian Kalin, DOC’s Chief Data Officer, as well as other talks. You can watch these live streams using the links provided below:

Listen-in to selected sessions via GotoMeeting: We have also provided a Listen-in option via GotoMeeting for the Opening Session, Closing Session, other plenary sessions, and some of the most popular breakouts. Below is a list of the sessions for which the Listen-in option will be made available. The links provided take you the Session Profile for each of your Listen-in options. Follow the instructions below to Listen-in via GotoMeeting.

GotoMeeting: Each listen-in option has a visual portion (slides and notes only) and an audio portion (listen-in only) by way of a GotoMeeting session. Except for the Opening and Closing sessions, there will be no video feed of the speaker. Please read on for a more detailed explanation of the listen-in option.

Visual Portion:  The visual portion of the session will be offered by way of a GotoMeeting session (remote desktop). Listen-in attendees should log into this portion of the session first. Once you are logged into the GotoMeeting session, you will be able to see slides as they are presented by the speaker.

Audio portion:  Once you have accessed the GotoMeeting session, you may dial into the session teleconference to listen to the audio portion of the session. The phone number and access code is the same for all sessions:

  • Dial US +1 (646) 749 3122
  • Access Code 845-897-789
  • Your 2-digit audio pin can be found on the GotoMeeting interface

If you are not familiar with GotoMeeting, we have provided more detailed instructions below.

GoogleDocs:  Listen-in attendees with an active Google account will also be able to access the Session Profile (linked above) and the Collaboration doc (linked in the header of each Session Profile) for their session. Each file is a GoogleDoc on GoogleDrive, and may be accessed by way of the link provided above, or by way of the Day 1 and Day 2 sections of the workshop's online dashboard. The Session Profile offers a list of speakers, a summary agenda, and a list of abstracts for that session. The Collaboration doc is where all session participants may view and/or edit the notes for the session as they are being recorded in real-time.

  • Note: if you do not have a email account, you may not be able to access the GoogleDocs without requesting access and being approved for it. Depending on when you request access, you may not be granted it in time for the session.

Questions:  Listen-in participants may submit questions by writing them directly into the Collaboration doc. They may also submit questions by way of the WebEx chat box feature. A Rapporteur has been assigned to each session to bring written questions to the attention of the speaker.

Detailed GoToMeeting Instructions:  For those of you who are not as familiar with GotoMeeting, here are step-by-step instructions on how to join the video and audio portions of the session:

  1. FIRST, click on the link below to open the GotoMeeting session on your computer. You may be prompted to install the GotoMeeting client; however this is just a small applet, and should install quickly without any special administrative permissions.

  2. AFTER you have entered the GotoMeeting session, dial into the audio portion of the session by calling in by phone:
    • For all sessions, dial US +1 (646) 749-3122
    • Once you have dialed in by phone, you will be prompted for the Access Code (sometimes called the Meeting ID), which is 845-897-789 for all sessions.
    • After entering the Access Code, you will be prompted for your audio pin. This is a two-digit number unique to you, and can be found on the right-hand control panel of the GotoMeeting interface. It is preceded by a # sign.

Technical Difficulties?  If you have any difficulties accessing the WebEx sessions, please contact the following workshop organizer: