NOAA EDM Workshop Open Wifi Network and Twitter Hashtag

The NOAA EDM Workshop has a low-bandwidth wifi coverage for the NOAA Auditorium and Science Center. We invite you to log on at your convenience, but ask that you refrain from all high-bandwidth internet activities, such as:

  • Streaming of video (even low resolution)
  • Streaming of music
  • Any kind of peer-to-peer file sharing client (such as BitTorrent), which are sometimes configured to run in the background (please be sure to shut off them off completely)
  • Any content inappropriate for a Government-operated network

Here is the wifi network name and password:

  • Wifi network name (SSID): 2014edmw

  • Wifi network password: 2014edmw

The Twitter Hashtag for the NOAA EDM Workshop is:

  • #noaaedmc