Listen-in to the 2014 NOAA EDM Workshop

Remote attendees may listen-in to many of the sessions being offered at this year's workshop. The listen-in option has a visual portion (slides and notes only) and an audio portion (listen-in only). There will be no video feed of the speaker. Please read on for a more detailed explanation of the listen-in option:

Visual portion:  The visual portion of the session will be offered by way of a WebEx channel (remote desktop). Listen-in attendees should log into this portion of the session first. Once you are logged into WebEx, you will be able to see slides as they are presented by the speaker.

Audio portion:  Once you are logged into WebEx, you may dial into the session teleconference to listen to the audio portion of the session.

GoogleDocs:  Listen-in attendees with an active Google account will also be able to access the Session Profile and the Collaboration doc for their session. Each file is a GoogleDoc on GoogleDrive, and may be accessed by way of a link in the Workshop's online program. The Session Profile offers a list of speakers and objectives for the session, as well as a summary agenda. The Collaboration doc is where all session participants may view and/or edit the notes for the session as they are being recorded in real-time.

Questions:  Listen-in participants may submit questions by writing them directly into the Collaboration doc. They may also submit questions by way of the WebEx chat box feature. A Rapporteur has been assigned to each session to bring written questions to the attention of the speaker.

Instructions:  Here are step-by-step instructions on how to join the video and audio portions of the session:

  1. Click on the link below to go to the WebEx sessions list. Our WebEx capability has been provided to us by ESIP, The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners. You'll see their branding on this page, but you are in the right place.

  2. Click "Join" next to the name of the desired meeting. If the "Join" option is not visible, it means that the WebEx meeting has not yet started. Re-check the start time, or try refreshing your browser screen every few minutes until the "Join" option appears

  3. When prompted, enter your email address.

  4. Enter the WebEx password for the session you've chosen:
    • The WebEx password for the NOAA Science Center is 23209855

  5. After you have successfully joined the WebEx video portion of the session, join the audio portion by VoIP from your computer or by calling in by phone. If you are calling in from your phone, the phone number is:
    • 1 (877) 668-4493 (note: this number is the same for all sessions)

  6. Once you have dialed in by phone, use the Attendee Access code when prompted for it. The Attendee Access code is simply the WeEx password followed by the # sign:
    • The Attendee Access code for the NOAA Science Center is 23209855#

  7. If you are joining by VoIP from your computer, enter the Attendee ID provided on the WebEx portion, and this will link your phone audio with your name on the web.

Technical Difficulties?  If you have any difficulties accessing the WebEx sessions, please contact the following workshop organizer: