Low-Earth Orbit Requirements Working Group (LORWG)

The Low-Earth Orbiting Requirements Working Group (LORWG) is a working group of the NOAA Observing System Council (NOSC) established to identify and represent NOAA user observational requirements, which have been allocated to low-Earth orbiting satellite systems.

The LORWG Chairs are the JPSS NOAA Program Scientist and non-JPSS Satellite Product Manager, supported by voting members from NOAA Line Offices, and multiple advisors.

Primary functions of the LORWG are to:

  1. Serve as the primary focal point for all NOAA Line Office low-Earth orbiting satellite observational requirements.

  2. Develop NOAA inputs to low-Earth orbiting satellite systems’ requirements documents and coordinate them within NOAA.

  3. Prepare user impact assessments responding to low-Earth orbiting satellite technical program changes that could impact system requirement satisfaction.

  4. Review and recommend changes to low-Earth orbiting satellites requirements documents.

View the LORWG Charter.

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