2013 NOAA EDM Virtual Workshop, 6/25-27/2013

This page serves as the site of record for the 2013 NOAA EDM Virtual Workshop. Registration is now closed. See the bottom of this page for a list of workshop attendees.

2013 EDM Virtual Workshop Annotated Agenda

Consolidated session notes for the 2013 EDM Virtual Workshop

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Presentations by Session

Session 1: Intro/Overview Session
Workshop Chair: Jeff de La Beaujardière
Keynote speaker: Peter Colohan, OSTP

  Presenter Presentation
  Jeff de La Beaujardière Welcome to the 2013 NOAA EDM Virtual Workshop
  Jeff de La Beaujardière Report to EDM Virtual Workshop
  Kim Jenkins EDM Virtual Workshop Intro Session

Session 2: Catalog and Search
Session Chair: Kim Jenkins

Presenter Presentation
  Kim Jenkins Catalog and Search Session Intro
  Adam Bode, Randy Warren Data.gov and the GeoPlatform: Piecing Together the Puzzle
  Christine White The Cryptkeeper Speaks! Overcoming the Scary in Data Discovery
  Ken McDonald Discovery and Access of International Satellite Data Collections Using the CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog
  Walter Smith WMO Information System and Global Information System Centre Washington

Session 3: Data Access
Session Chair: Kevin O'Brien

Presenter Presentation
  Bob Simons Doing More with Less
  James Gallagher Designing and Prototyping the Cloud-Enabled Hyrax Server
  Nadine Alameh Relevant advances in Sensor Web Enablement and Semantic Mediationy
  Micah Wengren NOAA's HPCC OGC Service Hosting Environment
  Mark Miller NWS Integrated Dissemination Program

Session 4: Data Usability - Metadata, Formats, Vocabularies, Visualization
Session Chair: Anna Milan

Presenter Presentation
  Christina Lief Data Usability Session Intro (not available)
  Jaci Mize The ISO 191 Series: Putting It All Together
  Anna Milan EMMA - Metadata components, metrics & templates
  Mark Brady Human data sources: Integrating multiple data streams
  Stace Beaulieu Data and workflow provenance for traceability, reproducibility, and scalability in Integrated Ecosystem Assessments

Session 5: Data Preservation and Citation
Session Chair: Nancy Ritchey

Presenter Presentation
  Nancy Ritchey Data Preservation & Citation Session Intro
  Ruth Duerr Digital Object Identifiers
  Heather McCullough NOAA Data Citation Project
  Steve Rutz Pier to Preservation

Session 6: Wrap-up, Action items, Workshop evaluation
Session Chair: Jeff de La Beaujardière
Keynote Speaker: Christopher Lenhardt, DAARWG Chair

Presenter Presentation
  Christopher Lenhardt Big Data is Coming for You!

Workshop Attendees

Download a list of attendees for the 2013 EDM Virtual Workshop (Google spreadsheet) Requires a noaa.gov Gmail account and LDAP login.

WARNING: The contact information in this attendance list is for networking purposes only. Any use of this information for commercial solicitation is strictly prohibited. Please send all additions or corrections to this attendance list to the EDMC Executive Secretariat at adam.steckel@noaa.gov.