EDMC Membership List

This page provides contact information for the current members of the Environmental Data Management Committee (EDMC).

EDMC Role Line Office/Affiliation Member Name Email Address
EDMC Chair NOAA Jeff de La Beaujardière jeff.delabeaujardiere@noaa.gov
EDMC Deputy Chair NWS Steve Olson steve.r.olson@noaa.gov
EDMC Exec Sec   Regina Belcher-Brown regina.belcher.brown@noaa.gov
Exec Sec alternate   Dawn Ambrose dawn.ambrose@noaa.gov
EA Enterprise Architect David Layton david.layton@noaa.gov
EA Alternate Alternate vacant  
GIO Geospatial Info Officer Tony Lavoi tony.lavoi@noaa.gov
Principal Rep NESDIS Ken Casey kenneth.casey@noaa.gov
Alternate NESDIS Debra Molenar debra.molenar@noaa.gov
Principal Rep NMFS Karen Sender karen.sender@noaa.gov
Alternate NMFS Nathan Wilson nathan.wilson@noaa.gov
Principal Rep NOS Kim Valentine kim.valentine@noaa.gov
Alternate NOS Michele Jacobi michele.jacobi@noaa.gov
Principal Rep NWS vacant  
Alternate NWS Kari Sheets kari.sheets@noaa.gov
Principal Rep OAR Christopher Moses christopher.moses@noaa.gov
Alternate OAR vacant  
Principal Rep OMAO Patrick Murphy patrick.l.murphy@noaa.gov
Alternate OMAO vacant  
Principal Rep PRSS vacant
Alternate PRSS vacant  
Senior Advisor TPIO (support) Lewis McCullochlewis.mcculloch@noaa.gov